Bagged Soil, Compost & Mulch

Sources Landscaping Center offers several types of bagged soil and mulch.
A cultivator turning the topsoil earth of a garden.

Soil Types

See some of the types of soils we carry at Sources Landscaping Center, contact us today!

S. Boudrias Sand Kiln Dried Sand - Play Sand - Mortar Washed Sand - Humid Sand
Miracle Mix Organic Urban
Miracle Mix Composted Chicken Manure
Miracle Mix Forestry Compost
Miracle Mix Garden Soil
Miracle Mix Lawn Soil
Miracle Mix Compost Marin
Miracle Mix Planting Mix
Miracle MIX Organic Potting Soil for Containers and Hanging Baskets
Miracle Mix Sprouts and Seedling Mix
Miracle Mix Sheep Manure
Miracle Mix Shrimp Compost
A gardener picking up a handful of mulch.


Pick up your garden’s mulch at Source’s landscape center, the place for all your garden’s needs. We offer natural, black or red in 3 cubic foot bags.

Without a doubt, mulch plays an important role in a thriving garden, whether it be to help prevent weed growth or simply to enhance the overall look of your landscape. Keep reading to find out more ways it contributes to your garden’s health and upkeep.

A gardener with a handful of wood mulch.


Contributing to your garden’s health and upkeep, here are a few reasons why it is a must have! For additional guidance, you can always consult our knowledgeable staff at the garden center or consult our FAQ.

A garden that has a bed of dark mulch.

Contributes to Healthier Soil

Adds organic matter and slowly releases nutrients to the soil making it healthier for your plants.

A gardener watering a bed of mulch.

Helps Retain Moisture

Helps prevent water from evaporating thereby reducing watering frequency. Also comes in handy when planting a new tree or shrub as it helps ensure root balls are kept moist which is crucial to the survival of new plantings.

A weedless garden thanks to the use of a mulch foundation.

Helps Prevent Weeds

Acts as a natural barrier making it more difficult for weeds to grow

A gardener using mulch as a foundation which is great for insulation.

Provides Insulation

Mulch keeps roots cool in summer and warm in winter.

Mulch can add beauty to any garden, with colored red mulch like this foundation.

Beautifies Your Garden

Mulch creates a nice backdrop and helps to feature the plants in your garden beds. It also keeps your overall landscape looking nice and tidy!

Types of Mulch

See the brands and types we carry at Sources Landscaping Center, contact us today!

A brand of mulch that Sources Inc. carries.
A brand of mulch that Sources Inc. carries.