A garden with beautifully maintained landscaped shrubs.


Whether it be to delineate your front lawn or to create an accent for your pool or patio, shrubs are a great foundation for your garden. We offer an extensive list of shrubs though our most popular varieties include spirae, hydrangea, boxwood, barberry, yew and cedar shrubs.

Not only can shrubs enhance your outdoor space, they can also be great for creating shade and soil stability. Also, shrubs with berries are a source of food for birds, while those with nectar-rich flowers attract pollinators and butterflies. To determine the best shrub for you and your space answer the questions found in the factors to consider or see some planting tips.

A bench located in front of purple and pink shrubbery.

4 factors to consider when choosing the perfect garden shrub for your landscape.

For optimal results, we recommend answering the following questions before selecting which shrubs to add to your landscaping. For additional guidance, you can always consult our knowledgeable staff at the garden center.

Landscaped front yard with assortment of shrubs located around the house.

What size will the shrub be at maturity?

Before selecting from our list of shrubs, consider the placement in your garden. Will it pair well with the rest of the flowers and trees in your landscape? What is planted at proximity? What size will the shrub be at maturity? Is there room to grow or will it impede on the neighboring plants?

Hedge shrubs arranged in a pattern.

What is the shrub’s purpose?

Think about the reasons for wanting to plant a shrub in your garden landscape. Is it simply for esthetics or does the shrub serve a greater purpose? For instance, larger shrubs can help with climate control in winter and summer while smaller shrubs are great for smaller spaces and compliment patios and walkways nicely.

Multicolored shrubs with flowers in a park.

What colors best compliment your landscape?

There is a list of shrubs that can provide your garden with beautiful color. Evergreens provide season less interest and are available in multiple shades of green. Flowering shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendrons offer beautiful blooms in springs. You can also consider a shrub such as red twig dogwood which offers two-toned leaves in summer and bright red twigs in winter.

A up-close photo of white flowered shrubs.

What are the shrubs’ requirements?

As with all plantings, you must always take account of the shrub’s recommended planting conditions. Before making a decision, know the shrubs' soil and sun exposure requirements to ensure that they thrive.

Shrub planting tips

  1. Prep the planting location
    Make sure that the area is clear of leaf litter and mulch. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and equal to the depth of the shrub’s container.
  2. Prep the root ball
    Cut or remove any circling roots to facilitate growth.
  3. Plant your shrub
    The top of the root ball must be flush with the top of the hole. Rotate the shrub to determine the most attractive side. Once positioned, fill the hole with the native soil and pack firmly to ensure that there are no air pockets.
  4. Keep soil moist
    Water well ensuring that the root ball and the surrounding soil is well saturated. Adding mulch will help preserve the moisture.

Contact us with any of your shrub inquiries or delivery information. For more information consult our FAQ page.

Shrub Types

See some of the types of shrubs we carry at Sources Landscaping Center, contact us today!

Conifer shrubs in a garden center.
Beautiful blue seedling of spruce on a mulch bed with coniferous plants around it.
Gogi berry shrub in season.
Blackberry shrub in season.
Blueberry bush in season.
Raspberry bush in season