Bird Baths

Birds are truly fascinating and mesmerizing creatures; the way they soar so freely, the melodious sound of their song, their beautiful plumage… So, what better way to appreciate our fine feathered friends than by offering them a lovely bird bath?

At Source’s landscaping center you will find a great selection of concrete bird baths by Campania International. Not only will the birds enjoy it but these beautiful bird baths make a great sculptural element for your outdoor space. On top of that, they are easy to install and are low maintenance, some tips below.

Tips for Your Concrete Bird Baths

Too much water leads to an overfilled bird bath that is leaking over the edge.

Do Not Overfill Your Bird Bath

Birds will feel more comfortable using your bird bath when it is fairly shallow. You only need about 2-3 inches of water for them to be happy.

A bird in the process of drinking water out of a bird bath.

Change Water Regularly

If you are not getting any bird visitors, ask yourself when was the last time you changed the water. It is important to change the water regularly as fresh water will attract more birds.

A single bird standing on the edge of a bird bath.

Beware of Predators

If you own or have neighborhood cats, make sure to install your concrete bird bath in an area that would be difficult for them to reach.


Location, Location, Location

The ideal spot for your bird bath: a shady or partially shady area close to trees to ensure birds feel safe. This also ensures that the water stays cool and refreshing for the birds to bathe in.

Birdbaths are an excellent way to attract birds that normally would not be tempted by feeders. This allows for a variety of bird species to visit your bath, allowing you to enjoy their beauty.

For additional guidance, you can always consult our knowledgeable staff at the garden center or check our FAQ.