A concrete garden statue.

Concrete Statues

Add an element of interest to your backyard with concrete garden statues. We offer a beautiful assortment of statues by Campania International that provide the perfect touch you did not know your garden needed. Ranging from 6” figures to large 3-foot statues, these statues are designed to weather naturally and last a lifetime.

Not only are the statues easy to install, they also require very little maintenance as the natural weathering is part of the appeal, more things to consider. For larger statues, contact us for details on our delivery service.

A series of statues carried by Sources Inc.

3 Points to Consider When Choosing Your Concrete Statue

A large statue located in a garden center.


Consider what kind of impact you want the statue to have in your space. A large concrete statue will make a bold statement while a smaller statue will provide a more discrete element of interest.

A garden statue of a man resting his weight on a shovel.


Does your garden have a theme or particular style? For a rural feel, animal statues placed in key points in your garden may be for you. For something a little more romantic, consider something Romanesque. For a zen garden, a Buddha statue might be just what you need.

A large mask style statue located under a window of a home.


Though many are fans of naturally weathering, it may not be for everyone. To preserve the original finish of your concrete statue, simply treat it with a protective coating to minimize wear.

Statues are designed to weather naturally and last a lifetime while providing a beautiful touch you did not know your garden needed.

For additional guidance, you can always consult our knowledgeable staff at the garden center or check our FAQ.